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Advanced Questions, Tips and Tricks

This page is for tips and tricks, and more advanced uses of SquidMan.

Using SquidMan with LiveReload

LiveReload is a tool for web developers that monitors changes in the file system, and when they are detected, automatically refreshes browsers that are viewing page the edited page.

LiveReload uses port 35729 to communicate with web clients that are monitoring a page for changes. If you are using SquidMan as a proxy server and it is sitting between your web site and the clients you want to see updates on, you will need to edit the SquidMan template. Locate the following line:

acl SSL_ports port 443
and add after it the following:

acl SSL_ports port 35729
Save your changes and SquidMan should restart Squid automatically to pick up the configuration change.

Credit to Matthew McVickar for suggesting this workaround.

Tagline wanted, apply within.
Tagline wanted, apply within.
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