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About SquidMan

SquidMan is a MacOS X graphical installer and manager for the Squid proxy cache. It is designed to operate as a "personal" proxy server.

When you run Squid on a MacOS X computer, it can:
  • cache downloaded content, reducing network traffic and improving browsing performance on slow links
  • act as a proxy server for other computers on your subnet
  • restore the operation of some MacOS X applications that normally fail through authenticated proxy servers

What's new - announcing SquidMan 3.51 (November 2, 2013)

If you've been using SquidMan 3.5, released in October 2013, you may be seeing extensive logging messages relating to a feature known as EUI, which isn't supported in OS X. The 3.51 update disables EUI support in squid, and thus should stop this logging. I've also taken the opportunity to upgrade squid to version 3.3.9.

As with version 3.5 of SquidMan, this version no longer supports PowerPC hardware, and requires a 64-bit system (note that some early intel iMacs are 32-bit only, and while they run 10.6.8, they only do so in 32-bit mode, and do not support this version of SquidMan). This version has been tested on Snow Leopard (64-bit only), Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks.

If you're upgrading from an earlier version of SquidMan (before 3.5), please note that some of the values in the template used by older versions of SquidMan are incompatible with the new version of Squid, and will generate errors or at least warnings when Squid is started. Thus, versions of SquidMan from 3.5 and higher need to replace the template file. If you have ever modified the template to add your own customisations, your changes will be lost during the upgrade. If you have modified the template from the default, be sure to save the old template before upgrading to SquidMan 3.5. After the upgrade, you will need to manually merge your changes back into the new template.

System requirements

The current release of SquidMan requires MacOS X 10.6.8 or higher, running in 64-bit mode.


You can mail me at the address below with feedback, suggestions or bug reports about SquidMan. Because I have a regular job, and write software in my spare time, please don't be offended if I don't reply. Please note that I cannot provide support for squid.


The current and all previous releases of SquidMan can be downloaded here. The SquidMan download includes documentation on how to install and use SquidMan.

SquidMan is Copyright © 2003-11 Tony Gray and may be freely distributed. The icon is by Samuel Krueger ("pixeljerk").
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